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Counseling can be sought for a variety of reasons — stress; anxiety; depression; adjusting to college or a new academic program; relationship issues; loneliness/homesickness; loss of confidence or self-esteem; food, 吃, and body issues; sexual issues; alcohol/drug use; anger management; difficult family situation; grief/loss; sleep issues; sexual assault — and everyone expresses their concerns in different ways.


个人咨询通常是50分钟. Before meeting with a counselor you must complete Consent for Treatment and 保密 forms in addition, 你将被要求完成一份初步评估.


你通常可以在你最初的请求后一周内被见到. 在紧急情况下,你通常可以在同一天就诊. It is important to us that students who seek our services do so out of their own choice, 所以我们要求所有学生自己预约.

在第一次会议期间, your clinician will help you clarify and facilitate a method of dealing with your concerns. 根据所提供的信息, 他们将讨论正规澳门赌场网络持续健康和健康的建议. 如果需要,你的辅导员可能会讨论转介到校外服务.


您可以通过电子邮件、电话或到我们的办公室来安排预约. 在您第一次访问之前,您将被要求填写保密表格. These include an 信息rmed Consent form and answering some questions about your concerns, 大约需要10-15分钟.


作为正规澳门赌场网络的学生,使用学生咨询中心是免费的. 我们不会通知您的健康保险公司,也不会为我们的服务收费.







校外资源,可在1(888)568-1112 24小时/天.


If you are a Portland or Biddeford campus-affiliated student and are currently experiencing a mental health crisis, you can reach UNE’s on-call counselor by calling (207) 602-2549 and then pressing 6.





Counseling services are made available to current matriculated UNE students in campus-based/on-campus programs.


预约在比德福德和波特兰校区都是面对面的. 如果需要,可以进行虚拟远程保健预约.

  • 适应大学或新的学术严格要求
  • 管理愤怒
  • 焦虑和压力
  • 职业/职业问题
  • 对某人的关心
  • 自信和自尊
  • 抑郁症
  • 金融问题
  • 性别认同
  • 悲伤或失落
  • 健康
  • 营养
  • 怀孕
  • 的关系
  • 有自伤行为
  • 性取向
  • 性暴力
  • 睡眠卫生
  • 物质使用
  • 自杀的念头
  • 创伤
  • 暴力




我们的员工在团队动力方面受过专门训练, 解决冲突, 以及人际沟通.

我们为学生、员工和教师团体提供咨询. Our counselors are also available to offer training and various workshops to faculty, 专业人员, 以及大学社区的学生.


The counseling relationship is completely confidential within the legal and professional guidelines of the State of Maine and the American Counseling Association.

信息rmation shared with us is kept separate from academic records and will not be released without your written consent, 但以下情况除外:如果有迹象表明对自己或他人造成伤害, 如果有迹象表明虐待儿童或无行为能力的老人, 或者法庭传唤了记录.


保密 is an essential element of counseling and one of your most important rights. 在法律规定的限制范围内, any information revealed by you or learned about you from another source during the course of counseling will be kept strictly confidential and will not be revealed to any other person or agency without your written permission. 如果要求提供有关您的信息, 我们会和你讨论的, 如果可能的话, 即使你已经签署了免责协议. 然而, 因为这个政策确实有一些例外, 你应该仔细阅读下面的信息.

The standards of the counseling profession require that your counselor keep treatment records. These records enhance our ability to provide you with appropriate treatment and are often useful to individuals with whom you may consult or to another counselor. Your counselor will limit the information included in the record so as to maximally protect your privacy.

  • 如果你要求的话, 你的辅导员会提供给你, 或者你指定的个人, 你的记录摘要.
  • 如果你愿意,你有权查看你的治疗记录. It is the 学生辅导中心's policy that you discuss the reasons for your request prior to such review and that your counselor be present when you examine the records.

你应该意识到, 然而, that there are certain situations in which your counselor may be required by law to reveal information obtained during counseling to other persons or agencies without your permission. The first situation is if you threaten grave bodily harm to another or to yourself. A second situation is if a court of law issues a court order requiring production of specific information. 法院下令的这种违反保密的行为是罕见的. If you have questions or concerns about this, please discuss this with your counselor. 除了, by law your counselor must report suspected abuse/neglect of a child or an incapacitated adult that is communicated by you.

At times your counselor may have the need to consult with other counseling professionals about your treatment. 在这些情况下, we will treat any information you have shared with your counselor with sensitivity and tact.

通过电子邮件咨询的安排可以与你的辅导员. 不像个人咨询, 然而, we are unable to guarantee the confidentiality of your email correspondence with us.

Should you desire further clarification regarding confidentiality or any other aspect of the counseling services we offer, you are encouraged to discuss these issues with your counselor and/or with Assistant Provost and Director of Counseling, Hahna D. 帕特森,小组.D., LCPC.



  • To expect that a psychologist/clinical counselor has met the qualifications as required by state law.
  • To examine public records maintained by the licensure boards which contain the credentials of the psychologist/clinical counselor.
  • 索取一份《正规澳门赌场网站》.
  • 向牌照委员会投诉.
  • To obtain information about your case records and to have the information explained to you clearly and directly.
  • 期望完全保密,除非法律要求.
  • To refuse any recommended services and to be advised of the consequences of this action.

The practice of counseling is regulated by the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation. 投诉可按以下方式登记:





8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

我们今天的第一个咨询会议上午9点开始.m. 我们今天的最后一节课下午三点开始.m.


(207) 602-2549


(207) 602-2549

Accommodations can be made if a disability prevents a student from accessing our offices.