通讯办公室拥有一支才华横溢的平面设计团队, 渴望与您一起设计产品,帮助您的计划成功. Our expertise includes the 设计 of a variety of print and digital materials including, 但不仅限于杂志, 海报, 宣传册, 邀请, 横幅, 磁铁, 笔, t恤, 阿凡达, 广告牌, 和更多的.




The 通讯办公室 produces short films that showcase the innovative work being done across UNE's different 大学s. 采用最新的技术和工艺制作, 这些电影为建立和维护UNE的品牌形象提供了重要的媒介. 我们的服务包括拍摄、剪辑、写作、旁白和制作.



If you are involved with a UNE event or lecture that you would like to live-stream and/or record, 我们有能力满足你的需求. 我们可以帮助您评估活动的潜在受众, 设置必要的视听设备, 并对记录和传输的技术细节进行管理. 一旦你的活动被直播, YouTube上的观众仍可观看, iT一个s U, 和UNE网站.



The 通讯办公室 offers a team of experienced media relations professionals who will work to guide you through the media process and highlight the ongoing successes at UNE.

We are fortunate to have a wealth of expertise in areas ranging from global affairs to marine science as well as numerous areas within the health professions. 强调专业知识是我们的首要任务之一, and we strive to identify opportunities for UNE 专业人员 and faculty to contribute to new stories in the headlines.


欲了解更多信息,请联系 莎拉Delage,公共关系和传播高级主任,电话:(207)221-4899或 sdelage@一个.edu, or 艾伦•班尼特,公共关系战略家,电话:(207)221-4939或 abennett11@一个.edu


The 通讯办公室 has a University Photographer on staff who is constantly out there capturing high-quality images of events, 人, 还有我们的校园.

uni批准的照片都存储在我们的 数字资产管理系统(Canto) 并可能用于我们的出版物、小册子、网站和社交媒体平台. UNE faculty and 专业人员 are permitted to log in, browse, and download these images. 要向Canto提交图像,请联系Holly Haywood.



The 通讯办公室 offers two portrait sessions per semester on each campus (for a total of four) to photograph 专业人员 and faculty who need a new or updated portrait for their UNE employee profile.



在各种社交媒体渠道上工作, 传媒处协助界定和加强大学的形象. 我们重点介绍了正规澳门赌场网络各种学术项目所做的工作, 展示正规澳门赌场网络与各种社区组织的伙伴关系, 庆祝正规澳门赌场网络师生的成就, 赞扬正规澳门赌场网络学生在课堂之外的丰富生活, 分享即将到来的事件和活动的新闻.

While much of the work the 通讯办公室 does to promote UNE's brand on social media occurs at the institutional level, we recognize that you may wish to communicate on a departmental or program-specific social media channel with your constituents. 为了方便起见, 我们提供咨询服务,帮助您开始, 开发内容, 建立一个受众群. 在建立UNE社交媒体账户之前, please get in touch with our 社交媒体 Strategist to discuss UNE’s social media policy and best practices.


欲了解更多信息,请联系社交媒体专家Curry Stover cstover1@一个.edu,(207) 318-1008(单元),或(207)221-4142(办公室).


通信办公室拥有并管理正规澳门赌场网络的主要网站, ensuring its ease of use and utility across all devices as well as offering ongoing development, 设计, 编辑工作. 了解更多 April Forristall-St Michel.





每周的UNE社区通知在周五下午发给所有员工. 它包括UNE新闻,即将发生的事件,机会和截止日期. 此电子邮件不分发给学生. (If you wish to communicate information to students, please contact the Office of 学生事务.)

提交公告完成 提交表单 星期五中午前. 在下午12点后收到意见书.m. will be reviewed by the 通讯办公室 for inclusion in the following week’s notices.

包括标题,详细信息(日期/时间/地点等).),以及联络资料. Attachments are not supported by the 提交表单 (but URLs may be added to the body of the submission) and only plain text is permissible (formatting is not supported).

有关更多信息,请参阅 社区通告及指引(PDF).



“UNE 社区通知” refers to a weekly email feature overseen by the 通讯办公室 that allows UNE employees to alert the UNE Community (faculty, 专业人员, and administrators) about important information through posts submitted via a 提交表单.


You may submit any information to UNE 社区通知 that you feel is important for the UNE Community to know and that adheres to the 新能源大学社区通告指引(PDF). 您可以将您的提交标记为以下类别之一, 新闻, 培训, 研究, 讲座, 学生事务, 或可持续性. UNE社区通告不能代替个人通告, 大学, or departmental mailing lists and should not be used for information more appropriate for bulletin boards (e.g.,餐厅菜单项目,失物招领处). These types of announcements should be communicated using myUNE and/or other more targeted mailing lists.

What is the difference between UNE 社区通知 and the separate UNE Community emails that I receive?

一些大学机构, 包括设施, 安全, 学生事务, 营业厅, 及人力资源, have access to the UNE Community email account and are able to send their own announcements as “stand-alone” emails. 有时, the Communications Office will send a stand-alone email on behalf of another department, when the importance of the message or the timeliness of its delivery warrants doing so. The Communications Office makes every effort to keep the number of stand-alone emails to a minimum.




所有员工都会收到社区通知. 学生不会收到通知. If you wish to communicate information to students, please contact the Office of 学生事务.


请联系通讯办公室的艾伦·班尼特,地址是 abennett11@一个.edu.



When do I need to submit my notice in order for it to be included in the Friday broadcast?

可以在任何时候提交. Please complete your submission prior to noon on Friday to ensure inclusion in that day’s UNE 社区通知 broadcast. 在下午12点后收到意见书.m. 将被审查,以列入下一周的通知.


你可以填妥 提交表单. 该表格也可以通过任何UNE社区通知上的链接访问.

How should I format the text that I enter in the write-in fields of the 提交表单?

The UNE 社区通知 platform supports only plain text; formatting elements, 比如粗体, 子弹, 编号, 斜体, 突显出, 高亮显示, 等.,不被UNE社区通知系统认可. 标题应简明扼要,用标题大写(重要的词大写)。. 日期和时间应遵循以下格式. 27; 2-4 p.m.


否,UNE社区通知系统不支持附件. 但是,您可以在提交的正文中包含url. 为了使您的URL显示为超链接, 必须包含完整的URL(包括http://或http://)). 请注意,在URL后面放置句号将使链接无效.


提交表单要求提交者的姓名或电子邮件——也就是说, 正在填写提交表格的人. It also asks for the name or email of the contact; that is, 社区成员在提出有关帖子的问题时应该联系的人. 提交者和联系人可能是同一个人,也可能不是. 两者都需要一个有效的UNE电子邮件地址.


如果您在提交后发现错误, 你有责任尽快与通讯办公室联系, 我们会尽一切努力在播出前修复这个错误. 如果在提交广播后发现错误, 我们鼓励你与通讯办公室联系. The Communications Office is not obligated to broadcast a correction but will consider doing so on a case-by-case basis.


All submissions will be reviewed for approval by the 通讯办公室 before they are broadcast. 提交的材料很少被拒绝, but the Communications Office reserves the right to deny a submission that does not adhere to 新能源大学社区通告指引(PDF). 如果你的提交被拒绝, the 通讯办公室 will make every effort to contact you and will assist you, 只要有可能, in rectifying the problem in order to bring your submission into compliance with UNE 社区通知 policies.


欲了解更多信息,请联系 艾伦•班尼特,通讯专家 abennett11@一个.edu.




The UNE 通讯办公室 and Marketing manages release forms for photo and video projects as well as event speakers. 这些表格现在可以通过以下链接在网上获得.

我们鼓励使用数字形式作为我们可持续发展承诺的一部分. 然而, we acknowledge that there are situations where digital accessibility is limited and paper copies are required. 我们要求你 给希拉里·巴比特发邮件:hbabbitt@一个.Edu下载表格的打印版本.